DIY Handmade Gift Ideas For Your Friends

Handmade Gifts For Friends – Only The Best For Your Bestie!

Handmade Gifts: Picking the Right Project

Handmade gifts are probably the best way to show that the recipient is appreciated.  You know how great that feeling is, so why not make sure that your friends know they’re appreciated, especially during certain special occasions? 

Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday or just a random day of the week, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The best part is that you can whip them up in a flash, with relatively no time or money. What an easy way to show your love! 

Handmade Gifts For Friends
Yarn Pom Pom Letters

1) Yarn Pom Pom Letters

Spelling out her name in a special manner has been among the best gifts for friends.  Now, how about combining that with some bit of fun room decor – who won’t love it! Spell out your bestie’s name, her initials with these fun pom poms. 






Handmade Gifts For Friends
Instagram Cards

2) Instagram Cards 

Combine handmade gifts with social media – after all, that’s where most of our beautiful memories are archived. Print out an Insta photo of you and your best friend, and use it as a card for her birthday or just because! 




Handmade Gifts For Friends
Beach In A Jar

3) Beach in a Jar

This beach in a jar idea would be great for a friend with whom you recently went to the beach.

Take a handful of the sand to add to this jar. Maybe the drink umbrella comes from a restaurant you went to. You could even add in a picture around the back if you’d like.

Customizing these ideas are a great way to make your friend feel special.





Handmade Gifts For Friends
Printed Candles

4) Printed Candles 

Print your best friend’s favourite inspirational quote or celeb on a candle that she can burn, baby, burn! You can really put anything you want on these adorable candles. 





Handmade Gifts For Friends
Bestie Scrapbook

5) Bestie Scrapbook 

Head to your local craft store to pick up some materials, and spend an afternoon making a gift that will probably make your bestie cry. A scrapbook is a perfect way to preserve fun photos and memories. Scrapbooks are among the best gifts for friends as they serve as the witness to all amazing memories that you share with your Bestie. Find some good scrapbook ideas from our sellers like Pinfliers.




Handmade Gifts For Friends
Rock Paper Holders

6) Rock Photo Holders

These rock photo holders come together so quickly and are relatively inexpensive to make. You can find a bag of smooth river rocks at the craft store and some copper wire at the hardware store, or pretty much anywhere! Paint the rocks solid colours or mix it up with patterns. You could even just keep them unpainted for a more rustic feel. These little photo holders would be such a cute gift for your friends. Wouldn’t they look adorable sitting on a study table?


What are some other DIY gift ideas that you’ve come across? I’d love to know about some new ones I might not have known of. Leave us a comment below!

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