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5 tips on pregnancy dresses, Flaunt your baby bump in style

Here are some amazing tips to buy your pregnancy dresses: 

Pregnancy dresses allow you to be able to dress for your shape during your pregnancy and after. Find tips here on what to wear during this exciting time.
Pregnancy is the time when you think about the child, motherhood, cravings, morning sickness & what to wear with that bump and waistline. Not always necessarily in that order though.


When you’re pregnant, maternity fashion can be a major challenge even for the trendiest mom-to-be because your body is always changing, and you don’t know which clothes in your closet are going to fit from day to day. Suddenly, you’re dressing this body that seems totally foreign to you, and you have no idea what’s going to look good on it.


Gone are the days when pregnancy and the pregnant belly was something that had to be hidden. Today, women like to celebrate their pregnancy by dressing up stylishly, totally dedicated to maternity fashion and not like camouflaging fatigue. There are different styles of pregnancy dresses that look good and make the mother-to-be comfortable too.

Comfort is the key

The most important thing to be considered is a comfort while buying your dresses during pregnancy. Don’t wear anything which you find too tight or uncomfortable. An expectant woman is usually uncomfortable in a thousand ways during pregnancy. At least your comfortable pregnant apparel should make you feel at peace. You will eventually start putting on weight from the second trimester so you may need plus size maternity clothes keeping you in touch with the maternity fashion. To accommodate your expanding figure, you need the best pregnancy dresses that will clothe you till the pregnancy lasts.

Maternity clothes

Layering doesn’t make you look larger – if done the right way

Scoop, boat and V-neck tops are all a good choice for pregnant women because they help frame your face. The only rule: watch your proportions. A long tunic with skinny jeans will help elongate you.

Maternity Clothes


Check out the colorful pregnancy dresses

The instinct for pregnant women is to dress in dark colors, like navy or black, because they think it makes them look slimmer. But color actually really flatters your body, especially if you have Ruching details around your stomach.

Cotton is your best friend

Wear cotton clothes that are loose and breathable. Cotton helps absorb sweat and keeps you cool and free. Cotton also happens to be skin friendly, so that works in your favor as well.


Choose the color wisely while buying dresses during pregnancy

It can get quite hard, in general, to choose the perfectly fitting outfit for all occasions or on a daily basis as well. And when you are pregnant it becomes all the more difficult as your belly is growing at a regular speed. This is when you look for a perfectly fitting and comfortable outfit. But did you know the color you wear during pregnancy has a big role as well to play? As they say, dark colors make you look slimmer. So, you should go for monochromatic ensembles in shades including black, maroon, navy blue and darker shades of purple.

Dresses during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not just about your baby; it is about you as well. The first step to taking care of your baby is by taking care of yourself. A dash of makeup and a trendy haircut can work wonders to complete that perfect look. The new-found motherhood and the natural glow will complete your stunning look.

Happy Motherhood!

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