7 Inexpensive DIY Craft Ideas

Are you looking for some fun but inexpensive DIY craft ideas? Try these awesome DIY crafts you can make for the least price. Not only are these do it yourself crafts cheap, but they are also pretty cool.

Fun Craft Ideas That Are Best And Easy To Make:

Here’s how to make some of the cleverest DIY crafts that add a touch of highbrow touch to your room decor:

  • Mason Jar Craft | DIY Vintage Pendant Lighting

 Create a beautiful lantern that brings the spirit of the Victorian era to your living room and creates a soft glow suffusing all over. Once you have created your own design, why not start selling it too at TinkerSale’s Crafting Gallery


Craft Ideas
Mason Jar Craft
Craft Ideas
Mason Jar Craft
  • Gold Flower Pots

Give your home a luxury look by spray painting flower pots a metallic gold. Can bring an exquisite design to any home or apartment. You can find nice planters at Tinkersale, and can create a combination of metal and ceramic aesthetics.

Other than these planters, you can also have a different approach towards creating a green décor at your home, picking some tips from our blog about Terrariums.

Craft Ideas
Gold Flower Pots
  • Mosaic CD Mirror

Take a mirror and place broken CDs around the frame. You can use different types of CD’s to get the appearance of different colours. Now, this is one of those craft ideas that can really create out of junk and looks incredible!

Craft Ideas
Mosaic CD Mirror


  • Perfect the Marbling Technique Using Nail Polish       

Marbling with nail polish is not a new concept, but it’s one to try if you haven’t already. Just about any ceramic item can be marbelized, but these coasters are an excellent place to start because they are flat and easy to work with.

Craft Ideas
Marbling Technique Using Nail Polish


  • Yarn – Wrapped Painted Jars

Wrap some yarn or twine around a jar, paint it, and peel the yarn away once it’s dry: you’ll be left with a gorgeous luminary for tea lights or candles. Try some of these.

Craft Ideas
Yarn – Wrapped Painted Jars


  • Pebble Place Mat

Use a hot glue gun to glue flat beach pebbles to circles of felt or wood. These placemats are perfect to use beneath teapots and warm serving bowls, and they look great at garden parties.

Craft Ideas
Pebble Place Mat


  • String Lanterns

It’s amazing how easy it is to make these elegant string-globe lanterns! All you need is twine, corn starch, glue, balloons, and spray paint. Easy peasy.

Craft Ideas
String Lanterns

What are some of the DIY craft ideas that you’ve tried or known about? I’d love to hear about some new ones I might not have tried or known of. Leave us a comment below!


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