Glass Terrarium Plants

Terrarium Plants – Living Landscapes in Glass

How to decorate your home with glass terrarium plants?

Terrarium plants are way more than alternatives to a traditional indoor garden. They are living landscapes on their own – with only your imagination is the limit to what scenery you want to evoke with it. Houseplants are not just decorative – they have great physiological and psychological benefits. This is a quick guide to “how to decorate your home with glass terrarium plants?” 


What are Terrariums?

Glass Terrarium Plant
Glass Terrarium Plant

Terrariums are mini greenhouses, which can be customised as per any theme that you want to choose. Terrariums are very easy to maintain as long as you ensure that the plants get the right amount of light and moisture.

While you don’t have to plan a fraction of what is needed to start a full-fledged garden, you definitely should have a few questions answered before you can enjoy the beauty of these miniature landscapes.


a) Which terrarium plants to choose and if open or closed terrarium will be suitable?

 You have to consider the following factors while choosing which terrarium plants would suit your requirement.


 b) How much light are you going to get and where you are going to place it?

Bright Light – If you are placing your glass terrarium in bright light especially in areas like your terrace or balcony / sit-out, window sill or parapet. Then the plants which are perfect are :

Jade Plant
  • Jade Plant
  • Panda Plant
  • Aloe
  • Air Plant
  • Cacti
  • Haworthia
  • Echeveria or hens & Chicks

If you get bright light and there is enough circulation of air, then open succulent terrarium is best suited for you.


Medium Light – This is probably most suited within the house, kitchen or balcony. You have the option to go for both open and closed terrariums depending on whether your space has more or less humidity.

Those which are ideally suited for an open terrarium in medium to low light are the following kind of succulents and plants which would need better air circulation:

  • Snake Plant

    Autumn Fern

  • Polka Dot Plant o Hypoestes
  • Friendship Plant or Pilea
  • Snake Plant


The ones which are ideally suited for a closed terrarium and medium to low light are those which doesn’t need natural light and thrive in a moist environment. So keeping these terrarium plants in areas like the bathroom or interior of your house is ideal:


Baby Tears Plant
  • Baby Ferns
  • Heart Fern
  • Cryptanthus or Earth Stars and StarFish Plants
  • Fittonia or Nerve Plants
  • Baby’s tears
  • Pothos Brasil
  • Asparagus Fern



Low Light and Places with Minimal Air Circulation – Essentially in office, your bathroom or interiors of your home. While the ones listed in Medium light can also grow well in such environment, the closed glass terrarium plants ideal for such condition are:

Terrarium Plants
Asparagus Fern
  • Baby ferns
  • Aechmea
  • Sheet Moss
  • Mood Moss
  • Asparagus Fern



c) How to style your  home and office with Terrarium Plants:

  • Your bedroom should have the kind of terrarium plants that have a calming effect on you, colours which soothes you, preferably release oxygen at night too and of the large leafy variety that captures dust.
  • Your living room is where you should let your imagination run free. You need not limit yourself to the usual open or closed form of tabletop terrariums. You can try a whole lot of new ideas like :
    • Hanging terrariums
    • Terrarium in hanging water drop glass – you can use glass bulbs to create miniature ones.
    • Terrariums using empty jars, bottles and even clay baskets.
  • Terrarium plants in glass are ideal gifts for kids and a kid’s room decor: What’s better than giving kids potted plants as gifts or return gifts to decorate their own room. It enhances their sensitivity to the environment by acting like a baby step to ensure that they care about nature.  These are hardy plants, so only as much care is needed as the kids can manage
  • Your office should ideally have the compact and closed variety that requires minimal space and least maintenance. 


d) Let your imagination run wild with the shapes and theme:

While most of the terrariums are spherical or cylindrical, you can be creative with the shape.

  • A square wall terrarium brings the right amount of functional modernism to your glass terrarium plants.
glass terrarium Plant
Square Wall Terrarium Plant
  • A succulent terrarium hanging or hanging terrarium brings a crafty elegance to your living room
  • Hexagonal, Inclined Cube or House Terrariums also gives a modernist and quirky feel
terrarium plants
Inclined Cube Glass Terrarium

e) There is no limit to what theme you could conjure up for your terrarium:

Could be an unusual and quirky theme like Tiramisu or Triple Sundae terrarium where you use a different layer of gravels to create a decorative theme.


Ease of maintenance, variety of options, health benefits and above all, the zen-like beauty that they impart – makes  Terrarium Plants an ideal option to decorate your home and office.

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