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Baby Bath Time Tips For Your Newborns

Baby Bath Time Tips & Techniques

With the right items by your side, baby bath time can be a fun bonding routine. Here are the must-have baby bath supplies to keep your little one safe and comfy while you get her cleaned up.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! on the birth of your baby — you did it! Now the fun part begins. While many of your first motherly duties will just come naturally to you, some things may need a bit more preparation, such as learning about how to give your baby her first bath.

When getting ready for your baby’s first bath, you’ll want to keep certain things in mind so that everyone is safe and having a good time.

Bathing your new baby can be a fun bonding experience for both parents when you’re doing everything right. Here are few tips to get you started for your baby’s first bath.

Collect all the things

Imagine you go to a store and then realize that you have forgotten your wallet. Painful, right? The feeling is the same when you sit down to bathe your baby and realize that you forgot the soap or his towel or something else. Also, your unnecessary movements (especially getting up and sitting down) may irritate your baby, and he may not want to take a bath.

  • Therefore, line up all the necessary baby products around the bathtub, at an arm’s length.
  • If the baby is a few months old, you may put some toys in his tub to keep him engaged. However, this trick will not work with a newborn.
Baby Bath
baby bath


Go sponge

If your newborn still has the umbilical cord stump, stick to simple sponge baths every few days so that it stays dry and clean. Babies don’t get very dirty, with the exception of their diaper area, and under their chins where spit-up tends to trickle, so pay careful attention to those parts. You can skip the soap: some lukewarm water—not hot—is really all you need.


Go tear-free

Babies don’t need a lot of soap. But you might want to use a bit on their bottoms and, if they have any hair, a little shampoo. When selecting your baby bathing products, make sure you’re buying shampoos and baby washes that are tear-free and as gentle as possible. Handmade organic soaps from dependable shops could be a good idea.

baby bath

Check the water temperature

Babies’ skin is more sensitive than adults’. This would mean that a temperature that is comfortably warm for you could be hot for them.

A temperature between 36ºC and 38ºC is the best for babies.

Do an elbow test to know how comfortable the water temperature is. As your elbow is a sensitive part, you could know the right temperature that will suit your baby. If your elbow feels warm, then add cold water. You could use bath thermometers as well. They would give you the best idea of the temperature.


Use a bath mat

A wet and soapy baby is a slippery baby. A bath pad or pillow is helpful for keeping your slippery sweetie in one spot; you can also line your sink or tub with a towel which adds a bit of warmth and comfort.

bath time


Toys are must

Bathing is also another excuse to play – both for you (don’t you make that serious face now !) and for the cuddly one. Choose the cutest of bath toys. Choose whatever is fun for you two, but try and make sure that you make it a little bit of learning time too by choosing toys with patterns, shapes, colors could make the bathing experience more interactive and fun.

Get her comfy and snuggly

Although you may love nothing more than a warm bath, your baby is more likely to see it as yet another shockingly new experience, and one that she might not like much. If this is the case, keep the bath short and get her dried off and in a snuggly outfit as quickly as possible. And don’t be surprised if a big diaper blowout happens soon after you’ve got her lotioned, powdered and dressed; post-bath diaper disasters seem to be a rite of passage for new parents 😉


Bathing a baby is stressful. But treating it as another fun activity can make it less of a chore and a teary experience for both you and your teeny weeny one. Hope these baby bath time tips will help to a great extent. Don’t forget to write your baby’s first bath experiences in our comment section.

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